Friday Fairy Tale turned Reality #SOL20 Day 20

She sat in her tower looking out the window at the gray sky. Everything seemed to be in a downward spin. Things were entirely too uncertain. Who knew what the spring season would bring?

She contemplated striking… the dark sadness consumed her.

Then a small tweet sounded outside the window. She looked up and spotted the small brown bird. Hmm… she began to think differently.

She smiled slowly, reminding herself that even if a prince didn’t come along, she could change herself. She could change her perspective. She was in charge of her destiny.

She logged into her computer. She opened Zoom and began a “meeting” with her students. She smirked at the children’s excitement. She laughed at their silliness. They shared how they missed school but not school uniforms. They wished they could go out and see people again. They asked when they could all “meet” again. She smiled at how chaotic and fun this “class” meeting was. She realized she was in charge of deciding her opinion of the day and life’s challenges.

She ended the meeting feel full of hope. She didn’t have a horse to jump on and ride off into the sunset. But she had more. She had the ability to believe in herself and know that things would work out.

She lived happily the remainder of the day.


Happy Friday friends. I hope you choose joy ad hope.

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