Catching up #SOL20 Day 21

I got behind on the Slice of Life Writing Challenge. This is my first year participating and it’s been a challenge. Often I feel like I have nothing to write about. Other days I feel like all I want to write is about Coronavirus and life being weird.

It was 11:52 PM and as I’m watching a previously recorded episode of Saturday Night Live, I realize, I didn’t write for the day.

And then I got to thinking what I had done on that Saturday. The first Saturday of my scheduled Spring Break. A Spring Break that will be different than all previous breaks.

  • I slept in.
  • I made breakfast sandwiches.
  • I drank coffee and read a book.
  • I went on a run with my husband that was a little over 8 miles.
  • I got some groceries.
  • I played board games.

And overall I realized, I was just in the moment. Each of these moments. Living. Enjoying.

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